MSE News: Fifth of universal credit claimants still paid late

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A fifth of universal credit claimants are still receiving their first payment late, a new report reveals...
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'Fifth of universal credit claimants still paid late'
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    Number shown in article is for UC live service which is no longer available for new(ish) claims. Needs to be full service number 0800 328 5644.
    The comments I post are personal opinion. Always refer to official information sources before relying on internet forums. If you have a problem with any organisation, enter into their official complaints process at the earliest opportunity, as sometimes complaints have to be started within a certain time frame.
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    It might also be worth pointing out that they might not be able to be opened and paid as they are waiting on information from the previous claim. Most part time workers will have this issue if they have not taken in all necessary payslips.

    Likewise there will also be system issues that in some cases (due to dodgy system) prevents the case from being closed. This leads to further delays that are not exactly Universal Credit's fault.

    I would argue that the lack of information from the customer will cause many of these delays but anything that involves Self Employment or Habitual Residency tests will cause delays and there's no way around them at all. There are a finite number of decision makers and they have to go through reams of documents, checking the criteria against legislation.

    So to hear that 4/5ths are being paid on time, actually seems like a lot of progress has been made. I think that as UC continues to roll out that this number will increase further as processors become more experienced with UC.

    Also. Short Term Benefit Advances are hell. They are not fit for purpose, once agreed getting the creditor to make what many would consider to be 'reasonable' adjustments is nigh on impossible. They are not loan even though they're treated as such and they will cause huge headaches if you haven't budged properly. Spread the cost over the longest period possible, tell them until they say, "Sorry this is the maximum" that you can't afford the repayments and they should give you up to 12 weeks (24 in special circumstances like fleeing domestic violence).

    Remember, once agreed, they cannot be changed and they WILL start being taken out of your benefit usually the one after your first full benefit is when the deductions will start. Although, honestly, being 3 months late is not unheard of. So be extra vigilant with these things. The DWP doesn't have the man power to be vigilant for you. Even though they're dealing with some of the most vulnerable in society.
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