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Replacement Inverter Query

Our 3 phase Samil Solarlake 7000 Inverter is dead - Code 079 Relay failure. Warranty is just about useless apparently as Samil has pulled out of the UK market. If you take it from the commissioning date, it lasted one day less than the installers guarantee of one year.

Our installer has offered (at our cost - problem for the future) a Solis 6kw replacement. We have 7.83Kw - 29 Viridian panels - 2 string 14 (+15?) @285w.

Another installer has suggested that the 6kw is too small in this instance but next one is 10Kw. Installer says he can show software that confirms all OK. (Would prefer a Solax or Fronius or similar with good support as do not want reoccurance of the failure)............Who do I believe? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Initial thoughts .... When the inverter failed was it reported to the original installer straight away (before expiry)? ... is there a timestamped log entry for a failure? ... If it's a UK subsidiary issue have you tried the manufacturer's global website regarding your issues? ... what period did the installer warranty (>1yr?)? ... Was there 3rd party insurance backed cover? .... have you tried to restart/reboot to see if the error clears? ...

    I'm pretty sure that someone else on this board experienced a Samil failure a year or so back ... they may see this thread & provide some input, but in the meantime have a search for relevant threads ...

    Apart from all that ... what do the installers want to charge for a replacement unit?

    In the meantime ... good luck!
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    Thanks for quick reply.
    Yes, reported straight away and Sparks happened to be in the area. Yes, took shot of fault on screen. Reboot did not last, Sparks knew straight away that it was a dead duck, it has now failed completely.

    There are many Samil owners in same boat, one poor chap is dealing with the issues in this country and the fault is well known. The Italian branch apparently is the most helpful but replacements, if they come take months.

    The installer gave one year guarantee and it failed on the 364th day!!!! but......... when do you take 'installation date' - I am taking date of commission as registered on MCS (installer is using earlier date - we had installation issues which meant 4 x MCS certs. Ofgem have accepted and recorded the date I am using). No 3rd party ins.
    Replacement offer yet to be received but suggested "distributor will give you good discount on a Solis". To my mind Consumer Rights Act 2015 means no cost to me. We will sort that out once up and running again hence query on replacement.
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