Poll Results: How much have you saved/gained from this site?

Poll Started: 30 Oct 2007

How much have you saved/gained by using MoneySavingExpert.com? Poll results:

After being attacked at the weekend, to celebrate the return of the site I want to try and find out the total impact people’ve had from MoneySavingExpert.com. Whether it's saving money, reclaiming, cutting costs.

How much have you saved/gained in total?

A. Under £50 6% (167 votes)
B. £51 - £150 11% (302 votes)
C. £151 to £300 12% (345 votes)
D. £301 to £600 14% (388 votes)
E. £601 to £1,000 13% (369 votes)
F. £1,001 to £2,000 13% (372 votes)
G. £2,001 to £5,000 11% (322 votes)
H. £5,001 to £10,000 3% (93 votes)
I. Over £10,000 2% (66 votes)
J. I’m a newbie not started yet 16% (456 votes)

Pls tell your story in the How much have you saved board of the forum, especially if you’ve made big savings.

Voting has now ended, but you can still click reply to discuss below.

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  • benbenandmebenbenandme Forumite
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    I wouldn't be able to put a figure on how much MSE has saved me, for me its not about aparticular figure its more than that.
    I probably haven't saved as much as some people, I didn't have any bank charges to reclaim etc, BUT .... as a single parent on a low income this site has been a lifesaver for me ... it has helped me stay on track, it has helped me discover other sources of income (mystery shopping / AQA / survey sites), it has given me confidence in managing my personal finances (and now helping some of my freinds to do the same) and it has helped me make a heap of new friends :D
    For me MSE is utterly priceless :beer: :T :T :T :T
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  • I cannot begin to imaine how much MSE has saved me, but I know for a fact I have made an extra £700 through 2 challenges on the DFW board.

    The site has taught me to be more careful with my money and through careful spending I have been using my cashback card and paying off in full each month. and have had the rewards from that already.

    I have cancelled credit cards that I no longer require and use bank accounts with better interest rates.

    I have also come across sites such as quidco and pigsback.

    I find that sticking with the site keeps me on track with my mindless spending (which is hard to put a figure on how much I would have spent in the last year alone) and not to forget the improvement on my savings!! this year alone I have been extremely careful with my spending and have an extra £4000 in my savings account that would have been frittered away!

    Just goes to show that we need this site! :) keep up the good work
    finally debt free and want to keep it that way!!
  • skintas_2skintas_2 Forumite
    1.7K Posts
    really given me a wake up call. i would say i have must of saved over £500 in the last year, really has helped with moneysaving and good to have support
    i will be debt free, i will
  • earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Well, I ticked box E, but the more I add it up, the more I think I may have underestimated.

    We haven't had anything to reclaim, and our interest rates on various products are the best we can get, but this site has introduced hubby and I to sites like Quidco and Pigsback, which alone have given us almost £500 in the last year.

    Add that to our savings that have come from the shopping boards, with all their offers and bargains (Christmas has cost less than half the rrp this year), and also from boards like the OS and Celebrations boards (which have given us a new angle on the way we run the house, and our lives), I think we're actually well over £1000 in the year or so I've used this site properly.

    All we have left now is to clear our debts - they're not out of control, but having come out of a CCCS DMP years back (before we found this site), we don't want to go back into one.

    So, I'd like to thank this site, and everyone who works and posts on it - you've made and saved us money, helped make life with three kids and a low income much easier, and given us a few laughs along they way - keep up the good work :T
    DFW Nerd no. 884 - Proud to [strike]be dealing with[/strike] have dealt with my debts
  • I have saved at least #200 pounds on my car insurance and much much more on all the phone calls I have made at home and abroad in the last year. Keep up the good work and lets give the big boys a run for their money.
  • Have no idea how much actually saved by using this site, but as I always check for offers,vouchers or deals before doing or buying anything it probably adds up to a fair bit and thats not including almost £2,500 reclaimed for my O/H from Natwest (still training him in money saving ways:D ) and not to forget the freebies too.

    Love this site and always tell people about it, keep up the good work:beer:
  • I had a refund from Abbey of £126 for overcharging on my Mortgage Repayment/Completion Fee, using the template letter. Many thanks, Martin.
  • jinky67jinky67 Forumite
    47.8K Posts
    :j Not sure exactly but halved house insurance,
    card tarted,dont pay more than 6.9%
    joined quidco and greasypalm for cashback,
    checked and swapped gas and electric twice,
    phone once,
    stupidly still have to do mortgage and endowment mis- selling though!:o going to organise that tomorrow.
    Biggest plus is being made far more aware of all the tricks these companies use:T
    :heartpulsOnce a Flylady, always a Flylady:heartpuls
  • pollysgpollysg Forumite
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    Thru this site I found Quidco, and have saved over £100 in 3 months, buying only things I would have bought anyway; also lots of freebies.
    You folk are great, carry on the good work!:T
  • Like other posters, MSE has not just saved money - I have also gained insights into making money and generally live life better and refuse to be ripped off.

    Hearing people's stories makes you realise how lucky you are that you have the earning potential to get yourself out of the mess you had got yourself into. Being able to assist others with regard to dealing with debt is also a great feeling for me.

    I posted up in 2006 about the savings I had accrued to date, I originally saved over £300 in running costs per month as I had previously never really watched what I was being charged or what I was spending my money on. All I knew was I earned a pretty good salary, but never had any money!

    However, its additions like Quidco, Pigsback, Mobipay, discounted travel, vouchers, MFiT challenge, Old Style Forum and challenges, the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), switching current account, declutter and eBay/freecycle, rediscovering my cooking talent, etc that have been entirely down to MSE's influence. Not to mention the mindshift that you don't have to have stuff - only buy what you need and stop using the credit card if you can't pay it off at the end of the month!

    I initially used my monthly savings to reduce my £18k worth of credit cards that were costing me over £800 in repayments per month!!! So, that is over £1000 per month more in my pocket now than pre-MSE. The cutbacks helped, but I couldn't have cleared the entire amount in 8 months without other forum members moral support which encouraged me to bite the bullet and go freelance, increasing my income 3 fold.

    I also managed to save my OH £200 per month through reviewing insurances, utilities, etc which he couldn't believe!!

    My £1000+ per month went toward my fabulous MSE wedding in September (eBay dress, HM bouquet, HM decorations, Quidco cashback part-funding the catering, 0% credit card funding the rest!) and is now going toward my mortgage. I switch to an offset mortgage in November.

    If I make the MFiT challenge, that would be an additional £50k+ saved in interest! Even if I don't clear the mortgage completely, I stand to save thousands on interest just trying - and I aim to give it a darn good try!

    MSE has literally changed my life. My hope is that it continues to do so for many others!!!

    Thanks Martin & Co!!!!
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
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