MSE News: Claims firms could have to point consumers to free alternatives

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Claims firms will have to clearly spell out their fees and direct customers to free alternatives BEFORE they sign any contracts, under new plans proposed by the financial regulator...
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'Claims firms could have to point consumers to free alternatives'
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    It is a bit funny to start regulating them at least semi-properly just as the PPI deadline hits. Still we are already seeing dodgy adverts trying to get their claws into other areas.
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    I only hope that despite the polite but arms length references in their recent consultation, the FCA both see and treat these parasities for what they really are.

    The sooner people realise that the money wasted by firms on dealing with nebulous and fraudulent claims - including FOS fees which are happily raked in at South Quay Plaza regardless of merit because they keep the monster fed - comes straight back out of the pockets of normal consumers in general by way of product pricing, the better.
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