Other party insurer still not paid out for total loss car


My wife's car was declared a total loss on 26 April and the valuation was agreed on 02 May and submitted to the other insurer.

The other party has admitted fault and this has been accepted by their insurer.

Our claim is being handled by a claim management company we were referred to by our insurer.

The other insurer have still not paid the total loss money to the claims management company and have now been sent a 14 days to pay letter or they go to court. They have now had nearly a month to pay.

Is this normal? Is there a chance the other insurer has financial issues or are we protected regardless?

I'm really annoyed as we decided to borrow from our offset mortgage account to buy a new car after the total loss was declared and returned the hire car to try and keep costs under control for the other side. I am now paying interest on this money!
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