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MSE News: Ofgem alleges competition law breach by 'E' and Economy Energy

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Energy regulator Ofgem has alleged that suppliers E (Gas and Electricity) and Economy Energy breached competition law during 2016...
Read the full story:
'Ofgem alleges competition law breach by 'E' and Economy Energy'
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    However, hasn't Ofgem proposed FORCING energy companies to provide sensitive details about their customers to competitors if they haven't switched in a few years? Obviously not the same thing, but trying to treat part of this latest wrongdoing as being concerned with sharing customer data is clearly horse manure.
  • gadgetmindgadgetmind Forumite
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    I doubt they are allowed to provide this data to anyone due to data protection, privacy laws, etc. I love to know how E and EE got around these, or maybe they didn't!
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