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21st cards and 18th cards

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cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
had to buy both of these last week the cheapest I could find with a key for the 21st in a box was £11.99
the decent 18th ones were over a fiver


I went to B&Q and bought a number one and a number 8 for the front door in gold

then a number one and a number 2 in white

looked in junk shops no luck so went to a car boot and found a big brass back door key on a bunch of keys 30p

polished it up old fart found some mdf in shed and cut me an oval piece sanded the edges, already had a tin of gold spray paint so sprayed it gold

hung key in the middle

went to key cutting place and got a longish about 2 inches plaque engraved saying

for your 21st JIll love from cathy etc

screwed it to the mdf under the key staples gold ribbon on the back to use to hang it up undid a parcel bow i had in gold for the ribbon

wrapped it in tissue paper

and she was over the moon with it

total cost

the 18th one

I had a siver cake base so stuck the number one and number 8 on it filled in the screw holes with a bit of blue tack painted them white so looked like screws

same thing got a "silver" plaque engraved with

happy 18th James from cathy etc

silver bow unravelled stapled to back

looked the biz

total cost


again he was over the moon with it and all delighted that id taken the trouble to make them rather than buy them


  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
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    thats a wonderful idea, i always think thosse cards are over priced. might try something similar for my dads 60th.
  • cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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    youc could do it for any number couldt you    just buy the cheap door numbers  they come in all styles and sizes

    if you go into a wood shop they will give you off cuts or find a diy er who will have tons in his shed

    if hes nice he might even route the edges for you to make it look a bit posher

    look in car boots and charity shops for those wooden bases you stand ornaments on  they would be ideal

    or   a plain tile would do if you drilled it carefully and screwed the numbers to it

    you could even make a salt dough key !! spray it gold or silver

    some of those bought keys are ridiculously high priced  for a bit of silver coloured cardboard

    I also did a 40th one this way

    bought a 99p picture that was inset in the frame you can see them in matalan they sit about an inch deep in the frame which is like a box

    take it apart

    put the numbers inside and their name and the greeting which i did on the puter using a nice back ground put it back to gether again and it looked really good
  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
    8.3K posts
    i've got some of those frames from matalan, will have to give that a try. thanks cathy.
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