Car SORN/garaged for winter, what about insurance?

Hi all,
I recently bought a Mazda RX8 as a second car. I only use it on weekends, trips, etc, basically a hobby car, I have another car for daily duties.
Since the tax is pretty hefty I only have it taxed for 6 months, and it's due to end in December. I don't have a garage, the car is kept on the roadside and is insured as such. My plan is that I would rent a council garage for the winter months as I don't want to drive around in either snowy/icy or salty roads. The tax expiring in December would come handy as I would ideally SORN the car until spring. Insurance would expire next May.
Question is I reckon I would need to inform my insurer about the change of keeping (parked at an off-site garage as opposed to a road by my home) and the SORN. Any idea how that would normally affect the insurance? I pay monthly, so there probably would be an adjustment on it either pro or con.


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    It depends on whether the new location is seen as higher or lower risk than the current one.
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    Yes you need to inform the insurer, you'll need the garage postcode and they will base any premium change based on the new postcode vs your current postcode.

    You can run dummy quotes online using your current postcode vs the garage postcode to see roughly what effect on premium this may have, although note that the premiums quoted now are based on the change effective now, and it may not be the same rating at the end of the year.
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