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Two things, before starting our DMP I've sent off the CCA for my MBNA card. I've not heard anything back yet but it was only last week. I didn't send it by recorded delivery, just by normal first class post. If I don't hear back I wont know whether it's because they've not got it or because they're looking for the original agreement. Should I re-send after a while if I hear nothing? I've heard people normally get an initial acknowledgement from the company but not sure how long that takes.

Also, I've told Barclays we are in difficulties and they have written giving us the standard 30 days time when they wont bother us. I'm now wondering whether I should send the CCA off for those accounts but would now be bad timing? Should I wait until we have advised them of a dmp and are making token payments?

I worry a lot about timing.
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    Not all will acknowledge receipt of your request, so not hearing from them doesn't necessarily mean they've not received it. It a bit of a waiting game, just stop paying them and wait and see what happens - don't chase them.

    As for sending CCAs to Barclays - I'm not sure how successful people are when doing so with the original creditor direct. I would have thought they would hold all the necessary paperwork to prove a debt enforceable.

    My understanding of the 'CCA exercise' is that it's usually done when your account has been passed to a DCA and only after a period of time has lapsed. Folks use an unenforceable situation as leverage for discounts, or to stop paying and prioritise those that are enforceable. Its a personal choice.
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    You can do it at any time as long as a balance is still outstanding on the account.

    I have known debts only 2 years old with non compliant paperwork, and also a 10 year old debt to one creditor who managed to produce the exact original document, so there is no clear cut path here.
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    I sent my requests before missing a single payment. You may well be surprised at just how little documentation original creditors can produce. Then you will know who to include in the dmp and who you can exclude (if that is your preference)
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