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There is a wedding coming up near Christmas and I want to loose some weight. So I!!!8217;m trying to use MyFitnessPal sync with Fitbit Charge 2

Here is my problem. It!!!8217;s 21.40 as I write, my Fitbit tells me I have 182 Cal left, while MFP tells me I have a whopping big 970 remaining !!

I set up all my measurements within MFP and added them manually to Fitbit. The important one was the calorie goal set at 1500. All food was entered via MFP as was exercise

MFP shows Goal (1500,) Food 1318, plus Exercise 758 giving me 940 remaining. This doesn!!!8217;t see right, there is to much remaining

On the other hand Fitbit shows 12,461 steps (that!!!8217;s pretty normal for me) with 1318 calories IN and 182 left. You can see the difference !!

So which is correct: have I 940 remaining or 182? As long as I!!!8217;m within budget I don!!!8217;t really mind but with 940 remaining that would set alarm bells ringing

There has been some very technical information over at Fitbit Forum but I can!!!8217;t find a straight answer - use Fitbit calories remaining or use MFP. Anyone?


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    Fitbit doesn't add extra calorie allowance for exercise the way MFP does

    I tend to ignore the additional calorie allowance it gives me for walking (as to me thats counted when I set my activity level for a 10,000 step) but I do for the additional exercise I do. I'm often about 500 or more under what they say I'm allowed
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    I gave up on my Fitbit. Every time I drove anywhere, it counted it as steps. A lot of steps. Their techie people could not sort it. Really disappointed.
    Thank you for this site :jNow OH and I are both retired, MSE is a Godsend
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