One day Digital Assistants WILL Affect Your Home Insurance

I was laughed at when I posted my thoughts about Amazon's Alexa being hacked and this could be a serious risk for your home being burgled,bank accounts being emptied and so on.

Well further reports today confirm this risk.

From The Telegraph today:

Amazon Alexa recorded owner's conversation and sent to 'random' contact, couple complains

A woman whose private conversation with her husband was recorded by their Amazon Alexa and sent to a friend by email without their knowledge said she feels "invaded" by the worrying intrusion.

Luckily for the the Oregon couple, the discussion picked up by the hands-free devices placed around their home went no further than the subject of hardwood flooring.

But Danielle, who did not want to give her last name in local press reports, said that although the conversation was not highly personal, she nevertheless felt her privacy had been compromised by what Amazon said was a series of unfortunate events.

Every room in the family home in Portland is wired with the devices, which control the home's heat, lighting and security system. Amazon said Alexa misinterpreted the conversation as a set of demands which led to the conversation being packaged up and sent to a seemingly random contact.

Read the whole story from the Telegraph.

Personally I wouldn't risk having one, even doubtful about my phone, but it is just an old Nokia 1100, smart tv, it may have mike and it may have camera, I just dont know.

But now that we have many internet connected devices I wouldn't be surprised if companies are secretely harvesting tons of data from us.

Just wait till smart locks turn up, and i think they have. Well If you install onbe I'm sure that will invalidate your home insurance - maybe not now, but certainly in a few years tim.

Sleep tight folks, it'll never happen!


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