Moms night off box...


It's one of my best mates birthdays soon. She's got a small baby and so I thought I'd make her a moms night off/in box.

She's currently at Slimming World so I don't want to mess that up by getting her loads of chocolate and things, but I might get her some of the Slimming World treats.

I make a lot of my own bath things so will include body scrub, body butter and a bath bomb.

I might also include her favourite magazine.

Any other ideas would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks



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    What a lovely idea,

    Maybe a candle for whilst she is soaking in the bath. A face mask/eye mask/hair mask. Pound shops do foot and hand masks too. A nail varnish for her to paint her nails. Slimming world friendly treats are a great idea and I am sure would be greatly appreciated. If you are ensure there are lots of slimming world groups on faceb**k you can post in and ask. Could you get /make her a cd with her favourite songs to listen too whilst she is pampering herself. Good Luck, what a thoughtful friend xx
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    I immediately thought of similar to the previous post! - candles, bath treats!

    Does she have a favourite shop or like something like the cinema? Maybe something a small voucher for Waterstones / record store or wherever. In the past I've given cinema goodie bags - a voucher for 2 adult tickets (you could use Mr T Clubcard vouchers if wanting to keep costs down) and provide the drinks and sweeties ( from the shops of course!!)
    :j I feel I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe :j
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    04624181 wrote: »
    WIf you are ensure there are lots of slimming world groups on faceb**k you can post in and ask.

    Closer to home, there's an ongoing SW support thread on this forum here

    If the OP knows someone who goes to the group. then 'hifi' bars might be appreciated - otherwise, Alpen Light ceral bars or Benefit bars from ALDI.

    Fresh fruit would always be on plan
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions :)
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