Are Polyresta Sofas worth buying?

Hi All,

Looking at new sofas and found a nice one in DFS which suits our needs but the material is 100% Polyesta which according to the sales person is really good for daily use in a house (ours will be going in the lounge). Originally we thought about getting a leather one but now we are unsure which material would be best suited for our lounge,

Anybody have any experience with this polyesta material on a sofa and if so did it do as advertised?



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    I do prefer a polyester sofa over a leather sofa!

    Because a polyester sofa:
    doesn't expose too much heat
    is stronger than leather sofas and others
    has hydro-phobic nature, which is good to dry-out the water quickly and easily
    can be dry-cleaned, and drying doesn't take much time
    is also good to maintain its original shape due to the fiber content and elasticity profile
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