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I stopped claiming 25% single person discount when my son & his wife came to live with me whilst saving for their own home. They are now in the process of buying their home, once they become the legal owners on completion, they will be liable for full council tax on that property as our local authority (all?) no longer allow 6 months grace for empty properties. Some work needs doing on their new home before they can move in, so they will stay with me for a further few weeks.
As they will be paying their own council tax, can I claim my 25% single discount again? I have not yet approached my authority as I want to be sure of the facts. I have searched online and checked Regulations but cannot seem to find a definitive answer, can anyone help? Thanks


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    As long as their 'sole or main' residence' remains at your property then the single person discount cannot be (re)awarded. The 6 month class c exemption was removed in England some years ago and I'm not aware of any local authority who awards the current class c discount for the same length of time or at the same rate.
    I no longer work in Council Tax Recovery but instead work as a specialist Council Tax paralegal assisting landlords and Council Tax payers with council tax disputes and valuation tribunals. My views are my own reading of the law and you should always check with the local authority in question.
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    No, they are still living with you. When they move out, you can then apply for SPD
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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