MSE News: Tesco Direct to close in July

Tesco Direct - the store's online shop for non-food items such as clothing and homeware - will close in July...
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'Tesco Direct to close in July'
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  • HornetSaverHornetSaver Forumite
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    I won't shed any tears, but very surprised about this.
  • Really quite shocked by this news but saying that hardly ever used them but occasionally been able to get some extra points there. Don’t spend very much at all in the store so won’t be getting many rewards now. We have visited so many places all over the country courtesy of Tesco deals and with Direct closing it looks like our points won’t accumulate to many.

    We have two Tesco Extras in our town but always a poor selection of Lego so we relied on Direct particularly at Christmas. Still one less to compare when all the stores have 3 for 2 etc - used to get so confused!
  • karlie88karlie88 Forumite
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    Cause? Amazon and eBay.
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  • Patr100Patr100 Forumite
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    A few years back they had the odd bargain (no doubt prices heavily subsidised) posted at MSE or HotUK Deals but in the last couple of years whenever I've reviewed them for prices for any thing I'm looking for online their prices were often expensive. Also fewer products were actually sold by Tesco and more by third party sellers. Only convenience was that I had a click and collect point quite near at a Tesco Local store.
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  • prowlaprowla Forumite
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    I've had a few things from them, most recently a TV a couple of months back.

    So, what will Tesco Clubcard vouchers be good for now and what's the incentive to (a) collect them and (b) shop at Tesco.
  • glider3560glider3560 Forumite
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    I stopped using them when they started including other sellers, who often priced higher than going direct or to their eBay store. You also didn't get the Tesco "benefits", like being able to return items to a Tesco store for an instant refund.
  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Ambassador
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    How long before clubcard goes ?

    Costs them £500 million a year to run , assume it also is now a loss leader
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  • Must admit that I'm very surprised by this as I found it a good alternative to Amazon and Ebay. I'm not interested in buying groceries online so I never go to their normal website. I would have thought that, in this day and age, they should be looking to expand Tesco Direct rather than close it.
  • Money_makerMoney_maker Forumite
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    I found their website really difficult to navigate, it never seemed to bring up the right items based on keywords. I think that had a good deal to do with it, a decent search facility means I would have used it more.
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  • aj23_2aj23_2 Forumite
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    You can buy it in store, so why have it online.

    Probably people buying stuff online and returning it, which is time and money to Tesco Direct. Don't blame them. At least if you go into a store you can decide if you like it before buying it.
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