Retirement & moving away present?

Hi there,

I have friends that have retired and moved away quite a distance and are having a party in a couple of weeks. I really don't know what to buy as a gift? I am sharing a taxi with 2 other people who I am close with, as we all know each other from Slimming World.

We were considering chipping in for one gift between the 3 of us, but nothing has come about, as I've not had time to look. I need to speak to the other 2 to see if they have already bought anything.

Any suggestions for a gift please? I haven't thought of a budget to be honest.

Thank you.

We have no debt!

Now to clear the Mortgage

Mortgage - £62,436.93 (due to end Dec 2028)


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    I think your best bet is to talk to your friends and see what you can come up with between you.

    Without knowing what their interests are - and no budget set - it's hard to offer any suggestions.
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    We had a friend retire and move from Norwich to Newcastle.
    We bought them a Norwich City garden gnome and a bench for the garden as that's where they now spend most of their time.

    Work out what sort of budget you have between you and then you may find it easier to narrow down the type of gift.
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