MSE News: Asda trials new temporary £99 card charge for 'pay at the pump' customers



  • Do you suppose they have watchers on MSE?!

    As hurrah for an outbreak of listening if so.
    I think there was plenty of bad press on social media that went viral.

    Serves them bloody well right. Interesting that there is a petition on against Sainsbury's changes to their pay rules. Both seem to be committing huge business gaffs just at a time when the two are consolidating :think:

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    You know those times when you go with a mate, who uses different fuel, on the basis they've got no money so you'll do them £10 in their car and then £20 in your car, or you always fill up together/on the same card one after the other .... that's 2x £99

    It doesn't affect me - there's only one Asda I use for fuel as the two within 20 miles of me don't sell fuel ... and the one I do use is 200 miles from my house, so I use it once every 2 years or so when I'm that way and need a top up.

    Some don't have them - they're just DIY dispensers.

    I've never seen a [email protected] only petrol station.
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    aj23 wrote: »
    I've never seen a [email protected] only petrol station.
    As has been mentioned ASDA have many of them, Blackpool Cherry Tree Rd is one I have used.
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    molerat wrote: »
    No you are not, interest is paid on your actual balance. Santander were forced to pay back interest not paid on pending card transactions.

    True, but my actual balance should be £30 not £0.
    Also, I can't use that money should anything crop up so (potentially), I'm doubly stuffed.
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    aj23 wrote: »
    Just pay at the kiosk. Only used [email protected] a few times and each time something went wrong. This 'quicker' methods usually take longer.

    There's no kiosk at Dewsbury.
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    Shell petrol stations don't do 'pay at the pump', well the one in shirley solihull has done for years, i used it many times....
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