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Martin Lewis: Suing Facebook, left me shaking, it’s now admitted 1,000s fake ads, here’s the latest…

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  • CarbrookCarbrook Forumite
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    Two possible lines of action by Facebook are:
    a) as Facebook has details of the accounts used to pay for each of the fake ads, then it should be possible to have those accounts closed and the identities of the account holders made available to the police investigating fraud resulting from those ads.
    b) as Facebook controls the procurement process for any ads, then it should be able to require sufficient details to identify the originator involved both to remove any other ads by 'him' and to prevent further ads.
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    Account holders are most likely to be people who have had their card details stolen or cloned.

    Similar issues with the newspapers a while back stolen cards used to take out full page adverts listing cheap goods. You call the number and buy that expensive TV at less than half its retail price, whilst giving them your card details which is then used to purchase another advert in another newspaper. So instead of your TV you get an account with a newspaper and possibly even a visit from the police. Although they maybe on a H&S course that week.
    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

  • jamiesbjamiesb Forumite
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    Facebook have been caught with their hand in the biscuit jar too many times. Let's hope it sticks and is a warning to other social platforms
  • It makes a mockery of all these "facebook is nice" posters on bus stops and adverts in the papers when they can't even put together a decent convincing commitment to stopping thieves advertising scams on their platform.
    (Although I could be wrong, I often am.)
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