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Missold solar, company liquidated

Hi all,
I am hoping someone can give me some advice on where to start at least.

I had a salesman from ‘hot house ltd.’ Who missold my solar panels to me. He told me( and I have a recording of him) that I would pay £30 a month instead I’m paying £150. I didn’t realise this until about 6 months after! That company went into liquidation after the feed in tariff changed.

They were credited by shawbrook bank/building society (they won’t help)

So how can I get my money back and future payments stopped? I have little paperwork, the credit agreement and the voice recording.

Please help!!


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    The big thing is what does the credit agreement say? If that says £150 per month, it's going to be difficult to argue against the finance company.

    You do have consumer rights against the credit company (the Consumer Credit Act). But you need to make a case that will stand up.

    There's no point in pursuing a company that's gone out of business, but the credit company are jointly liable for any problems.
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  • The salesman missold the solar panels with the amount I would get back in returns, and missold the credit saying it would be £30 a month
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    This reads very much like a 'he said / she said' with the balance of the evidence resting on what you actually contractually signed for.

    Your recording without a more substantive - written piece of evidence could be little more than a fabrication - not hard to retrospectively craft a tape purporting whatever you might wish it to say.

    On balance might I suggest you incorrectly understood the proposition you were taking on?

    What loan did you understand you were signing for - I assume you are sufficiently cogent to recognise the details?
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    Is it also possible that the alleged £30 compared to £150 is taking account of the alleged FiT and own consumption figures? In reality that is unlikely to amount to £120 per month on a normal (4kWp?) system but perhaps that is where the mischief lies.

    Perhaps you could provide folk on here with a breakdown of the numbers. Size of system, orientation, expected annual production and size/interest rate etc of the loan. I am sure some of the experts on here will then be able to provide more informed comment for you.
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