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Hi, just looking for opinions regarding an issue.
My son is getting married next month and the hotel where reception is being held have reserved bedrooms for guests to stay overnight. We planned to book around 10 rooms and were told charge would be £142 for double room.
Some family are travelling up day before so I looked on hotel website for details of rooms for that night - rooms booked with hotel are £92 per night!
I’m feeling really annoyed about being overcharged - in my experience rooms booked as part of wedding package are offered at a discounted rate. The wedding is on a Wednesday and I can’t imagine there would be much of a demand for rooms otherwise.
What is people’s experience of this - am I right to think we are being ripped off?


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    Room pricing in hotels is always a very fluid thing - with a wedding package the hotel is factoring in the cost of keeping those rooms available for you for weeks/months and potentially turning away other bookings.

    A "package" price might be less than the standard room rate (but no-one ever pays that anyway) it doesn't always mean a discount on the cheapest rate available.

    Tell your guests to book direct.
  • Due to our family not living local to our wedding we knew that 90% of our guests would stay over. We therefore spoke to a hotel local to our wedding and explained we would likely need around 30 rooms in total -no problem. They said that the rate would be £x. I did my research and checked their own website and saw that the advance purchase rate was cheaper (I think around 10-15% cheaper) than the rate they told us which was the standard flexible one given on the website. She agreed that our guests could book the advance rate also. I queried if we could have a group booking discount but they said no. Ours was a weekday wedding (not friday) also so I was surprised they wouldn't but they said that they are busy with corporate guests on weekdays, which may be the same for the hotel your son is getting married at. The lady I spoke with at the hotel asked if we could get our guests to book direct with them as they pay a premium to websites like booking.com - which was no problem as far as I was concerned as the price was the same as booking.com when I checked. The hotel website even had a pop up every time you went on it proudly saying that the best rates were always direct.

    So I was as annoyed as you are feeling when one of the last guests to book their room (still at least 2 months before) said they had booked on booking.com as it was cheaper and fully flexible (unlike the advance rate)!!!!!!!!!!!! i spoke to the hotel and asked if they could honour the same price, as their website said they would always be the cheapest (the rate on their website was still the same as before). She looked into it and said that this was a promotional rate for booking.com and they couldn't match it, even though they make the claim of always being the best price on their website! Luckily I had already reserved some of the rooms on booking.com that I could so I just cancelled the ones that had been booked direct on the non flexible rate. Although I was still majorly peeved that the guests that had booked the advance rate (so had to pay when booking) had not got the cheaper rate, luckily it was only a few pounds and not substantial.

    I 100% think you are right to feel ripped off, although I am surprised you did not check their website yourself when you enquired. In fairness to the hotel it may have been £142 when you enquired on their website also. I would cancel the 10 rooms you have booked (if you have, I wasn't sure from your post) and just book them on the website.
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