Best CD Ripping software?

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motorguymotorguy Forumite
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As it turns out, neither of our cars have CD players and we find ourselves with quite a few CDs that we'd like to transfer to mp3 format and play from memory sticks.

Can anyone recommend software that
  • Can do that quickly and easily
  • Can pick up the track names etc and name the files accordingly

Dont mind if its free software or if i have to pay for it, as long as its good :)


  • Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    Most operating systems normally have programmes to do this. Checking those first is probably easiest.
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  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    Assuming a Windows machine, Media Player seems perfectly capable. No bells and whistles but for basic ripping does the job.
  • mac.dmac.d Forumite
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    Don't know about the best but following a recommendation years go, I've always used a combination of Exact Audio Copy and MP3tag to do the job. Both are free.
  • Alexd52Alexd52 Forumite
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    Another free one is music bee, used it and it does all you require
  • DoaMDoaM Forumite
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    CDex ... I have used it for years and still do now. :)
  • jamesperrettjamesperrett Forumite
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    Audio CD's use less error correction than data CD's so it is possible for damaged CD's to appear to extract fine but the resulting files are full of clicks and pops. That's why programs like EAC (Exact Audio Copy) were developed. EAC will either re-read sections of the disc a number of times to check that the data has been extracted properly or, with certain drives, it can read the error flags that the drive sends out to detect any problems.

    It is worth seeing if your chosen program knows how to extract problem discs properly (Windows Media Player doesn't) and switch to something like EAC if you want accurate results.
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