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Ever told a white lie for a Competition?

andrew71andrew71 Forumite
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Maybe you've said your son/daughter is a year younger than they actually are? (A competition is for under 16s and your child is 17)

Or you haven't got any children but you pass nephew/niece (who you love dearly and are trying to win a prize for them)

Or you've said you are a fan of an artist just to win another prize (eg a top end phone)
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  • MisslayedMisslayed Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    Guilty as charged! I do it every time I have to enter my DOB, I have a separate one just for comping. I also adjust my grandchildren's ages or addresses to fit. Then there's "I have read the T's & C's"!
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  • sammi86sammi86 Forumite
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    Oh yeah, every valentines day i always mention my imaginary boyfriend!
  • OakdeneOakdene Forumite
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    Haha I hope someone gets landed like Del & Rodney did in ONAH where they had to pretend Rodney was 14!!!
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  • One-EyeOne-Eye Forumite
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    1) Tell us why you really, really want to win this prize

    2) Vote for your favourite gunge for your hair/skin/unmentionables

    3) Tick this box to confirm you are under 60kg/size 10/25 years old

    4) I won't sell this prize on ebay
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    (without answering the question)

    It is not a "white lie"
    a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

    but plain and simple "cheating"
    act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage
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    hdh74hdh74 Forumite
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    edited 28 March 2018 at 11:59AM
    Don't enter for tatt I don't want so don't need to pretend to like it. Use humour for stupid, why do you want to win questions. Tell the truth if I'm entering for a relative that's not my kid where possible or move on if not. But if it was to win a mobility scooter or other item that would be life changing for a family member or the cash to buy it (not going into sob story mode) I would lie if I thought I could get away with it simply because my moral code won't let me lie for crap I don't need but would for something I felt was really really important. But I wouldn't kid myself I wasn't cheating. However, the last scenario doesn't seem to happen, in fact when I've tried to win a mobility scooter I've been very happy to be 'vetted' by the companies who don't want them going to people who would sell them on.
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  • Enigmatic_MeEnigmatic_Me Forumite
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    I too have a comping date of birth.

    Caused me endless problems though when I applied for a credit card and used my autofill :eek: Yes you have guessed it the application went through with my very much younger DOB :D

    This meant I failed the first security check when I had to contact them about something. I therefore had to go in with ID. Took a special 20 mile trip to the nearest branch with my ID which they then lost and never changed on their records. I lost the plot when they asked me to go back again with ID so made an official complaint and it was eventually all sorted out. Gave me much stress though lol.
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  • GHolmesAdminGHolmesAdmin Forumite
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    Oh yes, whatever kind of relative, friend, pet, car, interest etc. I need to reference to win something I want to win.

    Why do you want to win?

    Everyone deserves a win.
  • booklover500booklover500 Forumite
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    I am a devoted auntie with no children of my own so my nephew is frequently used by me for comps although usually, but not always, to win things for him!
  • hamsterfan1hamsterfan1 Forumite
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    I occasionally put my grandchildren as my children (only if my dob has not been requested) I don't think tit cheating as such because they are directly related to me . My grandson call his mum mum and I'm mum mum mum mum
    proud gran to 4 lovely boys and one little girl
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