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Poll started 27 March 2018

UK house prices have risen seven times faster than incomes since the 1990s, making homes far less affordable now than they used to be.

So please select the option CLOSEST to your situation. If in a couple and you own together, answer for you both.

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

If you haven't already, join the forum to reply.

Thanks! :)



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    Is this one of those polls where people can see how you have voted?
  • As far up the ladder as I need to be :D
  • mrjoetmrjoet Forumite
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    I really don't understand the British obsession with the housing ladder. It's now so bad that it's causing widespread social problems and the government is now having to actively keep the ridiculous cycle going, people expect house prices to go up so borrow more and more to buy for fear of missing out, housing becomes unaffordable so government give subsidies to get more people to buy more and round it goes. From the individual's perspective, you end up spending huge sums of money on interest to own an asset that is difficult to sell quickly or sell partially. A house is only worth one house, it's locking up loads of money you can hardly do anything with. Much better would be to invest money so you can decide how much you invest on a month-by-month basis and you can sell a % of your investments if you need some money for something. Of course the only way that will work is if the government changes the tenancy laws to give stability and security to the rental market.
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    Though it is not easy to live against the grain. A few years ago I worked in an office where I felt constant pressure to buy somewhere.
    Free thinker.:cool:
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    The only way I became mortgage free, was downsizing 14 years ago. Now just about catching up with the amount I got from the last house. It's my home, not an investment and I've never been bothered about making a fortune.
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