Anyone ever won a Gleam comp?

I am somewhat new to comping but I have noticed that, anecdotally, Gleam comps seem to produce far fewer winners on MSE compared to most other entry methods. I've entered quite a few Gleams that have seemed a bit sketchy and seem designed to entice likes and follows for people on Twitch or Youtube. For example there was a Gleam comp to win an Xbox One X where if you clicked a button to subscribe to someone on Twitch, you would get 5000 extra entries. After entry I was being bombarded with spam messages telling me the streamer has started streaming on Twitch. Also had similar experience with Gleams where you have to follow someone on Pinterest, Insta or Twitter to enter. Wondered if anyone here has actually had success with Gleam.


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    I've won Gleam competitions for a DVD, a £10 voucher, and some Steam games, all before I joined MSE (probably the excitement of these first wins was what ignited my desire to join here if I'm honest). I like them because they are simple to enter, but I guess that means they are more likely to have a lot of entries, especially for the larger prizes. I do prefer it when they show the total number of entries, so you have an idea of the odds.

    Twitch automatically emails you when someone you are following starts streaming, just in case you want to watch, but it does get annoying when you are following lots of people who stream all the time. If you go into one of the Twitch emails, at the bottom there is a bit that says 'To stop receiving emails when someone you follow goes live, click here' - if you click that you won't get any of the streamer spam any more!
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    Yes, quite a few. But I avoid the international ones or anything that mentions dollars.
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    Nope but then again I don't enter that many of them, or to be honest at the moment don't win from any source - a very dry period for me at the moment.
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    Gleam competitions produce lots of winners but the people posting their thanks/wins don!!!8217;t necessarily refer to them as a gleam competition as they aren!!!8217;t run by gleam but by bloggers etc and gleam is just the mechanism used to collate entries.
    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

    xx Mama to a gorgeous Cranio Baby xx
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    I have won on gleam a few times, mainly for tickets for shows. The thing that puts me off is seeing the number of current entries, if i see a big number (maybe like 1500+) most of the time i dont bother entering. i dont need that odds negativity in my life. id rather not see and think my entry was the only one!
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    I've won plenty of gleam comps since I started comping. Biggest one was a money win of about £300. I done 2 entries out of the possible 50 and there were 50,000ish entries and I won :)
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    I've won quite a few Gleams.
    My last Gleam win was last month for some exercise equipment.
    Also won DVDs, children's toys, Steam games, an Xbox Game and some headphones.
    I do enter quite a few though.
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
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    Yes quite a few
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    Nope I haven't won any
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    Only once, a £40 Amazon voucher.
    I just enter and forget...hoping to win something! :)
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