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Does anyone know if there are any consumer rights around race refunds cancelled due to weather? Not objecting to race being cancelled for safety but just been told that I will receive no refund or deferred entry or entry to another race? Are we not entitled to a partial refund at least once contractors have been paid? It seems to be an area where there is little legislation or guidance. Some events organisers have terms and conditions but this one does not. Thanks for any advice!


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    I know the ones near me had a terms and conditions when you entered that agreed to no refunds.
    By the same token I also know of a couple of companies that have declared bankruptcy due to not having these terms and conditions.
    There are not many race organisers that can put on a race and have it cancelled at the last min and are able to pay out, or defer a race place. They still have all the costs so wouldn't be able to afford to put on another race in effect for free.
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    Was this a monster race?

    They are now insolvent.

    Further info here



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