Contents insurance against theft by housemate?

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My brand new "professional" flatmate has, in the first few days of the tenancy, turned out to be a nightmare jobless problem drinker in need of a carer for MH problems. If you want to read the backstory, you can do so here

Owing to his apparent drinking problem and already light-fingered use of noticeable quantities of alcohol that was stored in the flat and which wasn't his, I would like to take out contents insurance to cover me against theft by my flatmate. I'm not concerned (merely irritated) about the loss of a few bottles of spirits, but I am concerned about him moving onto laptops etc. if he becomes desperate financially. This is compounded by the fact that my employment contract says that if I put my company laptop / phone somewhere where it can be stolen, I can be liable to replace it myself :eek:

However, all the policies I can find require you to have forced entry before you can claim off the contents insurance. There is no lock on my bedroom door (and I can't fit one as it would damage the LL's property, though that may ultimately be a risk I'm willing to take) so any theft by him would not show forced entry. I'm no longer a student, so I don't think I can go for a student-oriented policy. I do not currently have a contents insurance policy.

Any suggestions for insurers to look at?


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    Endsleigh offer professional house share insurance. I'm not sure if they cover theft by house mates in unlocked rooms though, you'd have to read the policy.
    Either way I would definitely be fitting a bedroom door lock, regardless of what the landlord says. You could get a mortice lock that's fitted inside the door with just a keyhole visible. Or you could get one that's integrated into the handle. If you get a professional to fit it then the landlord can't really complain about 'damage' since there is none.
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    You can buy locks for your door that do not require you to physically fix them to the door or frame
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    Isn't the problem now that you are aware of the risk and would need to declare it, meaning either higher premiums, decline to cover you for such theft, or decline to cover altogether? I think you'd be better off moving elsewhere (and then take out contents insurance, which you really should have had already).
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    I`ll be amazed if you can find an insurer willing to pay out on a shared property with no forcible entry. A locking system is more than likely your only option
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    Reardoa wrote: »
    . A locking system is more than likely your only option

    Or kick him out pdq.
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    Or kick him out pdq.

    The OP is a tenant, not the LL, so can't kick anyone out, which is why I suggested he look for somewhere else himself.
  • Thanks, I had a nasty suspicion this might be the case. Sadly Endsleigh requires forced entry for a payout.

    I can't move out as (a) I'd have to find someone who wants to live with a jobless problem drinker with MH problems, and (b) I have a dog, which makes it approximately 100x harder to find a rental property, and (c) I want to move out late summer anyway, so going elsewhere would tie me into a contract that's longer than I want.

    I will look at ways to replace the door handle with a locking mechanism as soon as I return to the property; I'm away at the moment so await the scene of devastation when I return...!
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