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MSE News: Secondary ticket ads banned by ASA

in Consumer rights
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Four major secondary ticketing websites have had their 'misleading' adverts banned because they didn't make additional fees such as admin and delivery charges clear...
Read the full story:
'Ads for Viagogo, StubHub, Seatwave and Get Me In banned by ASA'

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  • waamowaamo Forumite
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    The ASA have banned adverts from last year that are no longer used anyway. That'll learn them.
  • WillyWongaWillyWonga Forumite
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    Looking at the recently announced Tramlines event on Sheffield - 3 day pass via Tramlines own website £76 for the 3 days - still plenty available.

    Go to Viagogo. Everywhere you look: "tickets selling fast.... 1% left..... 8 looking at same page.... dont miss out...... 6 mins to complete purchase...... oh my god you're so lucky to be able to buy these (well not exactly but you get my drift)"

    Tramlines Festival 2018 - 3 Day
    20 - 22 July 2018
    Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, United Kingdom
    Section: General Admission
    Number of Tickets (Change) 2
    Ticket Price 2 × £148
    Delivery Fee 2 × £5
    VAT and Booking Fee 2 × £51
    TOTAL PRICE £407.56

    or £152 if book direct with Tramlines.........
  • cinders59cinders59 Forumite
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    A bit late for my daughter who when looking for Little Mix tickets at Liberty Stadium for an Xmas Present for my grand-daughter, she was sent via google search to Viagogo and paid £250 for 2 tickets seated together.
    I just only pray she will get seats together as my grand-daughter is only 11 and would be horrified to sit apart.

    Really annoyed about it and will not get the tickets until 3 days before,
    she even mailed them a few times to make sure they re seated together and has had confirmation, but knowing Viagogo till will not believe it until they arrive
    Thanks to all who post comps :)
    ITV winners membersclub#2
  • edited 8 March 2018 at 12:24PM
    boatmanboatman Forumite
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    edited 8 March 2018 at 12:24PM
    Advertised as £5 each, go to checkout for 2 tickets £19.29!!! These pictures were taken yesterday.


  • SuperHanSuperHan Forumite
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    boatman wrote: »
    Advertised as £5 each, go to checkout for 2 tickets £19.29!!! These pictures were taken yesterday.

    To be fair to Viagogo et al, buying a ticket first hand from the likes of Ticketmaster isn't much better. I've had £35 tickets with £3 each booking fee and then £3 shipping fee and a £2 transaction fee.

    It's just amplified when it's such a low value ticket as the % increase is higher.

    A bit of due diligence and there's not real issue with buying from the "tout" sites. I've bought and sold on most of them quite happily before.
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