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An urgent warning for parents paying for childcare

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  • Hi there, I work 16 hours a week and my salary is less than my actual tax code so my wages I do not pay tax on. My husband is just a general tax payer. Struggling a little to work out which scheme would be better for me?
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    Can one parent use the childcare voucher scheme and the other pay into tax free childcare? We currently both get childcare vouchers, but I am changing jobs in June and presumably will not be able to get childcare vouchers then as it will be too late to register with my new employer?
  • My husband works and currently receives childcare vouchers, however I'm doing a PhD. Would we be eligible for the tax free childcare scheme? It's a bit of a grey area as I'm not technically employed but I do receive a stipend & do more than 16hrs per week, and use this money to pay for childcare...
  • One of the main eligibility criteria is that each parent can't earn over £100,000.

    Incidentally, this is quite discriminating to a single parent family as 2 parents could be earning £99,000 and be eligible for vouchers, but a single parent on £101,000 isn't eligible.

    My main issue is it's really not clear whether it's total earnings that need to be under £100,000 or whether it's taxable income that needs to be under £100,000. These are 2 different things and they're both used on the website. Which one is it? I've tried calling the helpline, one person said it was taxable income, the next person said it was just total earnings. I'm no nearer to knowing whether I'm eligible or not.
  • If i'm already signed up for childcare vouchers, but change employer... do you know if i'm able to switch employers and keep on the childcare voucher scheme?

    Thanks all
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    Did you ever get an answer to this? My wife is the same and in my head it looks like she can use the new scheme but unsure.
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    Sorry. Not clear. As in my wife is under tax threshold too.
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