Branded Surveys problems?

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Anyone having problems cashing out? Either the redeem button isn't working or the verification email isn't being sent, it isnt in spam or bulk mail folders, i have checked. Messaged Support but that seems to be none existent. Has anyone had this problem before and found a solution? or is it another site not worth the effort?


  • dizzybeedizzybee Forumite
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    Just cashed out without any problem

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    I'm currently having problems with getting paid by Branded surveys.

    I cashed out the first ever payment from them no problem through Amazon. I tried the same recently for my second payout but it came back as failed and I had the points credited back to my account. I had an email saying there was a problem with the gift merchant.

    I tried it again 3 times with Argos too, but I keep getting the same problem...

    So the points seem to be stuck in my account. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do to get paid?
  • winston75winston75 Forumite
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    Just tried again with PayPal, but the 7 days have passed and the payout has failed again!

    What can I do? Has anyone else got around this?
  • I got a paypal payment about 3 days ago, it did take a few days longer than normal. Think about 10-11 days. Are you trying to get a large amount? Mine was just $20
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