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Hi there, I’ve recently enquired with the VOA about being in the wrong council tax band (currently e) and the evidence requested also includes that comparable property’s should be in the “immediate vicinity”. Our property dates back to 1830 and is a one of a kind very small 2 bed detached cottage amongst some very large listed houses that have been here for a few hundred years and are all very different. There are 2 bed houses in the village which are in a lower band (d) but not the “immediate vicinity”. Do we still have a case? Thanks


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    Yes, you have a case to be heard - although be aware that historic properties which are 'one of a kind' may be in a higher band for that reason. Best to focus on the 'very small 2 bed' element more than the age [unless it's in need of repair due to this].
    Please be polite to OPs and remember this is a site for Claimants and Appellants to seek redress against their bank, ex-boss or retailer. If they wanted morality or the view of the IoD or Bank they'd ask them.
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    Mersey wrote: »
    Best to focus on the 'very small 2 bed' element more than the age [unless it's in need of repair due to this].

    A poor state of repair cannot be reflected in a CT band. If a dwelling is in need of modernisation e.g. dated kitchen and bathroom etc, this can be reflected.

    Pluko - don't worry too much about "immediate vicinity". If there are few comparable dwellings nearby there is no harm in looking further afield, definitely in the same village and possibly in adjoining villages if values are similar.
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