MSE News: Bills rising slower than inflation

Household bills and expenses are rising slower than overall inflation, this month's MSE Bills Tracker shows – but don't rest on your laurels as it's likely you could still make big savings...
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'Household bills rising slower than inflation, MSE Bills Tracker shows'
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  • Yorkshire_Pud
    Yorkshire_Pud Forumite Posts: 1,810
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    Most bills are rising faster than inflation. Only the low 0.3% rental increase mediates the figures down vastly.

    Electricity, Gas, Insurance all up around 7%.

    Water rates 1.8%? Mines just gone up by 8% from April, not included in this calculation but there's a theme developing?

    EE and Sky wacking up their charges in EE's case by the RPI in December about 4%.

    Even with shopping around there's only so much you can do to bring costs down.

    Life is getting much more expensive.

    As for the rental equivalence that's 1.2% and if you have had any work done lately you are looking at labour charges of £40 to £90 an hour for run of the mill work, they may be qualified tradesmen but they are not geniuses!
  • badmemory
    badmemory Forumite Posts: 6,781
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    Water 5% butter 100%. Very few food items that haven't gone up by 15% at least in the last year. My landline phone bill has gone down though. Obviuosly not enough to compensate for the well over 2% increase in everything else.
  • brewerdave
    brewerdave Forumite Posts: 8,418
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    Just updating my personal costs spreadsheet - my personal "rate of inflation" is more like 6%!!!:eek:
  • Joe_Bloggs
    Joe_Bloggs Forumite Posts: 4,535 Forumite
    Dear Rosie Bannister
    The article mentions that:-

    TV license and subscriptions. These include TV licence costs and digital TV subscriptions. For the 12 months to January 2018, these increased by 0.8%.

    It would have been helpful to have a breakdown of the figures as the BBC License went up by 1.58% to £150.50 from £147 . This is still good value in my opinion. What else went up or down in the TV field ? This may be news to some who do not spectate beyond the BBC.

  • eskbanker
    eskbanker Forumite Posts: 27,375
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Joe_Bloggs wrote: »
    the BBC License went up by 1.58% to £150.50 from £147 .
    No it didn't, it went up by circa 1% from £145.50 to £147 during the period in question, i.e. 12 months to January 2018 - the rise you refer to (actually 2.38%) is the future one, effective from April 2018:
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