Hotel Chocolat Xmas some 70% off still available

H/C Xmas sale goodies still available, but only visible if you enter 'sale' into the search box on the website.

Currently 15 items in the sale:

70% off 7 smaller xmas items

50% off xmas wreath (now £20) and 600g choc cheesecake bar (now £8)

30% off 4 valentines items

30% off 2 boxes of specialist chocolates

10 % cashback on quidco

Free delivery code found on internet that worked by googling 'free delivery hotel chocolat'
Still virtually alcohol free since 4/1/15. (10 Xmas/ New Year/Birthday drinks)
It takes 3500 calories to lose a pound in weight. Target 13 lbs weight loss. 18.5lbs lost 2nd May - 28 September.


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