Extremly worried about a friend and his gambling addiction!

decided to delete this post at request of friend!
if i had known then what i know now


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    RIght heres an interesting one!!

    A good friend of my brother has a gambling problem (betting on sporting events). Anyway he now tells us he owes over 26k on three credit cards! We urged him to seek help and contact CAB and attend GA. Now we thought he had accepted this and would have sought the relevent help however speaking to my brother tonight it turns out the guy has done something extremly stupid!

    All the transactions were made over the phone with his credit and Visa debit cards in the last 2 months (yes 26k in 2 months!!! our thoughts exactly!!)

    He has contacted his banks and claimed these transactions were fraudulant and is getting them to recover the funds (i didnt even knw this was possible). So he knw seems to think his probs are solved!

    But my main worry is that A- he will prob gamble these funds away again as i dont think hes sought helo for his addiction and B - what hes done is extremly immoral and in my opinion fraud!!! Surely these bookmakers will now chase him for debts as hes effectively ripped them off via his bank!!

    I dont want to get him into trouble with the law but whats the situation here?? How does he stand legally?

    Unfortunatley for your friend banks really arent that stupid. Fraud investigations are treated very seriously even for small amounts and special departments will investigate and ultimatley involve the police. With traceable phone numbers and account numbers I would suggest your friend comes clean quickley before they are inevitably found out. do they realise just how seriously monetry fraud is taken.......? I suspect u may be visiting your friend soon..........not good
  • citygal
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    I agree- it looks like things will get very very messy for him :( If he comes clean now- it will make things easier for him down the line...
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  • thaylock
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    What an idiot, looks like he will be getting a visit from the police.
  • idiot_3
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    in your opinion fraud! it is fraud, no question. he must either think about explaining why he didn't notice the spending on the statement he received (you said the spending is over 2 months) or fess up. really, fessing up is the only option.

    a fraud conviction will never go away, and certainly will not improve long term job prospects.

    i am recovering from an addiction, and have been to several g.a sessions. tell yuour fried to get in touch via the site if they want someone to talk to. g.a is very good, and there is no pressure or stigma whatsoever when you get there. you just have to want to help yourself.
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    RIght heres an interesting one!!


    Whoops, hit the thanks button by mistake! :o
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    I don't understand this.......does you brother's friend think the banks are going to give him £26k, or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick? :confused:
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    strikes me as a spectactularly stupid plan. Considering HSBC still haven't refunded 30.00 to me from a dodgy ATM transaction and are treating me like a criminal, I wouldn't like to be claiming any more from them, especially if it was fraudulent.
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    I have to agree with everyone else here. If he did spend the money, then they are committing fraud, and chances are the banks will realise this. Again, if they has spent that much so quickly they needs to find help for their addiction. However, it all depends if they have admitted that they need help and that they are addicted to gambling.

    This first step is crucial to moving forward. If they don't think that they have got a problem then they won't really try to solve it. The best you can do is to support your friend as best you can. Let them know that people are there to help if they need it.
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    Your friend may soon not have the temptation to gamble as if he continues on his current course of action, he will be spending some time in prison. These things are taken VERY seriously.
  • idiot_3
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    especially, i would have thought, with this sum of money.
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