I got a voucher i don't want

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This is my first post, so be gentle with me. For my birthday, I have been given a £20 giftcard for a clothes store, but there is nothing there that I want. Could I order something, using up the giftcard, then cancel it, would the giftcard money go into my bank/paypal account? Or would it be stored on the websites' account until I do actually make a "proper" purchase?

Official MoneySavingExpert insert Tue 22 Jan: If you have an unwanted gift card, you can sell it on marketplace Zeek for slightly less than face value, and get cash, Amazon vouchers, or Zeek credit to spend on another gift card.

Sign up via Zeek and then enter your gift card details (the card needs to be valid for at least a month). Zeek says most gift cards can be sold digitally without the need to post the physical card, but you’ll be notified if yours needs to be posted.

You can choose to be paid in cash or Amazon vouchers, but you get more for selling your gift card if you’re paid in Zeek credit.

Zeek says gift cards usually sell within an hour on average, though there are no guarantees and it could be longer.

For more information on selling unwanted gift cards, see MSE’s Shopping Secrets guide.

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    Depends on what the retailer says but usually they will refund the money in the way in which you paid, so basically they would more than likely put it on a giftcard.
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    Hang on to the card till you see something you do want.
    Buy something and sell it on.
    See if there's a family member or friend who uses the shop who would buy it from you.
    Sell the gift card on one of the sites that do this. (I have no idea how prone to scams these are. )

    But if you buy something using the card then return it, the refund is likely to be in the form of another gift card.
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    Read the T&Cs, which you will find on the retailer's site or in tiny type on the back of the card. Your refund will almost certainly be put back onto the gift card with which you paid, so don't rely on having a longer expiry period in which to spend it.
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