different ways to make money from wedding dress?

I've been trying to sell on my wedding dress for almost three years now (after getting married August 2013), with no joy. I've tried Ebay, gumtree, preloved, bride2bride, bridal reloved, and selling pages on Facebook (both local and national ones). I'm not asking for a huge amount of money for it, as it's not in perfect condition, although it's certainly still in a 'good' condition. I'm now trying to think of alternative places to sell it, as it's starting to annoy me seeing it sit in the wardrobe taking up space!

I did have an idea that someone crafty might buy it to chop up and make something with (decorations, bunting etc), but I have no idea how I'd go about finding a person like that to sell it to!

Can anyone think of any other way of getting rid of the dress, but still making a bit of money from it?


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