Shameful stash

downshifted Forumite Posts: 1,146
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I’ve just dug out 21 pairs of tights and 6 pairs of pop socks from the laundry basket... worn once and chucked in there.

All washed now... I won’t be opening a new pack for a while

Anyone else want to confess? Or is it just me?

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    YORKSHIRELASS Forumite Posts: 6,114
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    Well I hate handwashing but I do have a very expensive jumper that I daren't put in the washing machine and last time I wore it it stayed in the laundry basket for several weeks before I eventually sorted it.

    I chuck my tights in a delicate wash with my jumpers, usually once a week.
  • Primrose
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    I,ve reached a stage in my life, now thankfully retired, where I live mostly in trousers with socks, and I reserve the tyranny of putting on tights for weddings and funerals! . Since this involves all kinds of yoga type curled up exercises on the bed in my steuggle to get them on, I have several u used packs of tights that are probably likely to see me out !
  • VfM4meplse
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    Well I still haven't unpacked all my stash of supplies but have them on proud display in an unused bedroom which serve as a constant reminder of how much I've spent over the years (thousands :(), and also hopw much I needn't spend - for the next couple of years, at least! Moisturisers, both facial and body, but to be fair I do get through these. Ditto: shower gel, hand wash, deodorant and toothpastes.

    SABLE items: tights and stockings (at least 300 pairs). Bought in the days I wore short skirts five days a week, extra long were hard to find and a single pair would last me no more than 2 wears, max. (Soon after, I realised that life was much easier if I just wore trousers).

    And hair stuff, anything to reduce the frizz! I've got all sorts of bottles of lotions and potions, many bought in bulk. I'll be bald before I get through even 1/4 of it! Ironically, I have run out of shampoo :o

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  • Blackbeard_of_Perranporth
    Blackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite Posts: 7,605
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    Please enlighten BoP what a pop sock is?
  • downshifted
    downshifted Forumite Posts: 1,146
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    Pop socks are socks made of the same material as tights.

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  • Callie22
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    I wash my tights in a cooler wash with my delicates - I whack them all in a net bag so they don't snag or tangle and they're fine in the washing machine, it doesn't seem to affect their longevity at all. I really cannot be bothered with handwashing so anything fancy goes in the machine on a delicate cycle and has to fend for itself. I haven't lost anything yet :)
  • blackcatsx2
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    My washing basket sounds just like Downshifteds stash. The tights are in a terrible tangle too which makes it even less appealing to tackle them.
  • purpleivy
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    I have SABLE fabrics.
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  • trailingspouse
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    I haven't worn tights for decades. I've never worn pop socks.

    I own a single pair of barely black just in case I need to go to a funeral - but as I don't possess a black skirt, and have worn black trousers to every funeral I've been to in the last 20 years, I don't really know why I hang on to them.

    Oh, and I own a pair of woolly tights, just in case. Just in case of what, I'm not sure...
    No longer a spouse, or trailing, but MSE won't allow me to change my username...
  • jackyann
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    Actually, it makes sense to have that many, for as you have found, you can do a big wash on delicates once in a while, and they will last much longer than if you chuck them in the general not a shameful stash at all!

    I have had many shameful stashes in my life - cleaning materials and sugar being the worst, but almost anything (it was coriander last year!) as I'm shopping and think 'oh, it's not on the list but I'm sure we're low on.....' and get home to find we're not - and repeat.

    3 stashes I refuse to be ashamed of are:
    wrapping paper - I save and re-use so much that I only ever get any ecept when it's being given as a freebie.
    fabric - some day it ill be 'just right'
    round the house and garden clothes (which someone on here called 'all fall down' clothes, an expression I love!
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