Bread maker turning out lopsided loaves

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I have a Panasonic breadmaker. Recently loaves having been emerging very lopsided. It sounds OK when in action - like it is mixing the dough - is it possible that it is only heating one side of the loaf or the motor is somehow defective. I have looked it up on the Panasonic guide and that says it is usually due to low quality flour with insufficient gluten but this is happening whether I use a bread mix or mix my own ingredients. Anyone else had this problem?


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    It sounds like the chamber is being unevenly heated, yes.
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    Lopsided as in the top looks like a ski slope or lopsided as in only one half of the loaf is cooked?

    Have you tried other programs to see if it happens with all of them? I've found that I can get a ski slope loaf with my Panasonic if I put slightly too little water in the mix - far too little and it doesn't mix properly, too much and it is a slurry, it is a small amount too little that makes the difference which could well be down to the absorbency of the flour.

    Most programs cook for about 50 mins so you could check the mix before cooking starts to see if the dough is lying evenly in the pan. If not, cancel the program, redistribute the dough by hand, leave it for 20mins to rise again then use a bake only program to cook it. Next time add about 20mm more water and check again.

    If it is only half cooking then I'm not sure if it will be the element as mine only has the one and I'm of the impression it is an all or nothing affair.

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    I find I get a lopsided loaf only if I do the smallest size (400g flour etc). I'm guessing it's because the dough doesn't fill the whole tin while it's proving. Could this be the problem with yours?
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    My Panasonic often makes lop-sided loaves, I think it's because I'm a bit careless when measuring out the ingredients. I only make the smallest (400g flour) loaves, I've never tried larger ones. I suspect that not putting enough oil in causes shape problems.
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    Make sure the water is not too cold. Take it from the tap & let stand to room temp.

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    We use organic flour, our own (non refrigerated) eggs and warm water and the standard sugar/yeast/butter etc. Add the entire ingredients at an ambient temperature and see how you go.

    Personally I would never use a bread mix in a bread maker, the whole idea of a bread maker is that you know what's gone into the mix surely?
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    too much water. Watch the dough as it mixes, it should feel tacky but not sticky and should be making a well rounded ball which leaves the sides clean. Use a spatula to scrape down any flour if necessary
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    I tend to think that a bit more water helps to produce a softer dough, which spreads out more evenly. I do tend to just chuck stuff in, but the other reason for having the liquid slightly higher, means that the motor isn't working quite as hard and the machine doesn't walk around. i've now got it on a little unit in the utility room, hub put a little upright bit round the front edge so it can't go anywhere!
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