Tx Lakshmi7 2nd win in my first month

Just wanted to say thank you to Lakshmi7 for posting the BFI Southbank In Conversation With Andrey Zvyagintsev comp as just heard I have won 2 tickets ;)

It's a famous Russian film director speaking so I guess less people entered but as I am in the arts it is a really interesting prize.
Thank you to everyone who posts, I have been enjoying finding comps myself to add to the board and I love reading this thread to see what wins we are accumulating as a community. I can't wait to hear that someone has won a comp that I personally posted ;).

I started comping since early January 2018 so nice to get 2 small prizes as an encouragement over a three week period of entering lots.. the first win was a bottle of wine at Bill's I have yet to partake, perhaps before the talk. :beer::beer:
March 2018 wins: Royal Albert Hall tix, McVities Day Out, Cadbury footballs bag scarf, Doritos £100 crisps, mug, beauty box, Tix Dancing On Ice, Ministry Sound,
2018 highlights: £50 Pizza Express, NME Awards,'Angry', £15 Oreo, Tix to events inc BFI. Bill's wine,
:j Thanks all


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