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will any seeds grow up some protective plants?

at the bottom of our garden we have a new fence, and beyond that is a wide alleyway/cut through thats used by most of the town. Our fence now stands out as new and looks pretty exposed when you walk through (Theres some graffiti on brick walls further down the walkway)

Is there any kind of seed/plant i could drop over the fence that in time, will grow some kind of protective barrier of foliage to hide our fence? Relaise it will take forever to grow, but justwondered if theres anything that will grow relatively quickly to give us a little more protection?
Kitchen project - Apologies in advance for all the questions! 


  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    How much soil / space is there between your fence and the pathway?

    This would be important because wider plants could brush against pedestrians, which could cause you hassle

    Any considered a weed would do fine, like teasel, bit prickly so pedestrians may quibble, or sunflowers, may get pulled up of course

    Jerusalem artichokes, not a seed, but the tubers will soon grow and give nice sunflower like heads, and hard to damage permanently. And not likely to be recognised as "food" except those in the know
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    I think you are attacking this from the wrong side. You'll have no control over what's growing on publicly accessible land and you shouldn't be planting there anyway.

    A fence is a marvellous thing for burglars to scale, so the obvious defence is anti-climb paint on the top and something horribly prickly like rosa rugosa behind it.

    It doesn't really matter much if some brain-dead yoof sprays their tag on your fence, as you won't be looking at it anyway. However, if you give it a jolly good coating of Creocote dark, it won't be very attractive to the little dears; indeed they probably won't even 'see' it.
  • BB15BB15 Forumite
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    Russian Vine. Some hate it as it can be rampant but will do the job and in summer is very pretty.
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