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Before you read this...yes, I know, I am a bit looney tunes. I got to tell someone, so I'll put it here, maybe someone -like me- will search online and find this one day.

Saveloy is a type of highly seasoned sausage, usually bright red, normally boiled. Saveloys are precooked so can be eaten hot or cold.

I tried Sainsbury's saveloys a few weeks ago and liked them so I have since bought a few more. This has led me on a quest to try all different types of saveloy. Rated out of 5 :):):):):) I may amend the ratings as I find more to try and each time I find another readily available source I will update this post.

Online you will see catering supplies selling 4Kg frozen for £8, I won't be trying these. Not sure if I could even if I wanted to.

Sainsbury's deli counter - bright red and about 4 - 5 inches dunno the weight yet. 40p each, proper saveloy taste.

Appearance :):):):):)

Tesco deli counter - dull orange, about 6 inches, 65g, 40p, bland no taste at all, what a disappointment, I almost did not buy based on appearance alone but I had to give them the benefit of the wrong I was to do that.

Appearance :(

Next stop Makro,

That's it so far, but I will try more. If you know of any national supplies available locally let me ASDA Morrisons, Lidl etc

UPDATE 01/03/2018

MAKRO - don't sell them

ASDA don't sell them...they don't even have a butchers counter! I can't believe that, and I went to 2 stores one smallish and the other was a massive one. They don't stock the Dickson's anymore (if they ever did nationwide).

ALDI don't sell them

LIDL don't sell them

Next stop Iceland and Morrisons


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    Serving suggestions would also be appreciated!
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    The best present day savaloy is from Dicksons butchers (not sure if only a north east chain).

    And it has to be in a savaloy dip .. savaloy, Stottie bun, peas pudding and top dipped in the water mmmmmm x

    Lisa x
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  • Serving suggestions would also be appreciated!
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  • Wig wrote: »
    Saveloy is a type of highly seasoned sausage

    I thought it was a hotel.
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    Saveloys, the Devils food. :eek::eek:

    Used to see then in my local chippie.
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    Best way to lightly salted water barely boiling..then remove from water allow steam to dry off, wrap in foil and place in oven until you get that bit of "snap" from the skin.

    Agree Sainsburys are the best..may be tempted this Friday..
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