Let there be light

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According to today’s BT ( so it’s bound to be true) there will be no money for street lighting by 2020. It’s long struck me as a waste of electricity anyway. Has anyone been to Australia? You notice it gets pretty dark at night over there, then you realise there are no streetlights, at least not in the small towns.
What do the leading lights here think? Turn them off already or will a light go out in your world without them? More to the point, are you happy to pay for them?
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    I do think they are useful - particularly in a town like mine where people walk from place to place a lot. Without them, walking to and from work in the winter would be horrid!
    Modifying them to have motion sensors or something I think would make more sense - at least that way electricity wouldn't be wasted by having them on at, say, 4am when there's nobody about. Or maybe even just reducing the time they are on? From dusk to 11pm and then 6am to dawn, for example?

    Don't think you could do away with them altogether - they give a certain sense of security.
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