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  • Thank you both for your reply.

    Not given thought in tutoring A-level as yet. However, once I get started, this may well change.

    You mention that you incorporated - what was your key driver for changing from sole trader to Ltd?

    Also, would it be worth getting a leaflet designed through a graphic designer or should I really do this myself? Can we use images from the net..? I'm not sure about the legality of this.

    As I have extensive knowledge in the subject of interest, I was also thinking of creating my own material. How do I get it copyright?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Agreed re A-Levels. If you're qualified to a very high level in maths as you say, your skills will likely be better suited to the higher levels anyway.

    Also, would it be worth getting a leaflet designed through a graphic designer or should I really do this myself?

    I've never bothered with leaflets but if I did, I'd just do them myself. I use a website for advertising as well as having vehicle graphics on the back windscreen of my car. This works well for me.

    As I have extensive knowledge in the subject of interest, I was also thinking of creating my own material. How do I get it copyright?

    Not sure about getting things copyrighted, although to be honest, it wouldn't bother me if someone else did use resources I'd made. In my opinion, there's so many great resources out there that there's no need to spend time creating your own (unless it's something you really want to do)

    I've tutored maths for 6 years but the best thing I ever did was to qualify as a teacher 2 years ago. I tutor full time now but the qualification was incredibly useful in a few ways.

    Firstly, the quality of my teaching is far higher (having experienced teachers observe your lessons and give feedback makes a big difference and the feedback is often very applicable to tutoring)
    Secondly, I've got a fantastic bank of resources on my memory stick that I copied from the schools I taught at. Stick it in the laptop and away you go.
    Thirdly, I get recommended by the school I taught at whenever parents ask at parents evening if they know anyone who does private tuition. This makes a huge difference to the number of pupils I get.

    Having said that, a PGCE is a big commitment particularly if your intention isn't to become a classroom teacher but it is worth bearing in mind.

    Good luck!
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    Afternoon everyone,

    I am looking for a bit of advice. I have been teaching Psychology for the last 11 years and have experience of teaching GCSE, A-Level, Access and Undergraduate levels. I have my undergrad in Psychology and a Masters in Psychology and of course a PGCE. Finally i've worked as a coach and trainer and internal quality assurance roles.

    I am looking to go into private tutoring but i've never worked self employed. What advice can you give to work out tax, NI etc?

    Edit: I'm hoping to eventually do this full time.


  • Does anyone know if occasional tutoring part time is covered by the new £1k "occassional jobs" allowance from April 2017?
  • My brother tried this but had teachers ask him to move at some schools... Without sounding dodgy he got around it by not standing at the school enterance and just out of site
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    For those looking to list their tutoring services for free, try CareToShare dot co dot uk totally free to set up a profile and find new students.
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    "Math" isn't a subject in the UK.
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    I presently teach gcse maths and Functional Skills maths at a FE college. Now im getting older (about 50) and am thinking of eventually quitting. I cannot see myself teaching teens, who are forced to study maths, until i retire!! I dont mind the teaching so much , but the ridiculous admin and pressure on results (from students who dont really care and are not very strong at maths) is too much.

    I have had experience doing a bit of private tutoring in the past snd presently tutor a 13yr old maths (£25). I am thinking of doing tutoring full time. I only have O level (before we had gcses!) maths but am able to teach upto gcse in my opinion! I would like to do year 8 to gcse maths, though think i could also have a go at 11+ (having done it to help get my child into grammar school).

    So to my questions
    1) would it be financially viable to quit a well paid teaching job at a college, to tutor fill time.? im not interested in agency work as i want to be self employed..and keep all the money! I know there is probably a lot of demand in my area and have had people at work even asking for help tutoring family kids.

    I dont mind taking a bit of a pay exchange for better quality of life and less stress!

    2) If i did do this, how easy would it be to build up the business and would 1 year be a good target to get it up and running?

    3) Looking at the finance, do many people tutor individuals or do you sometimes teach pairs/small groups? If i just tutored a single student at a time (probably the case most times) I would need to work a lot of hours!

    4) Do people get much demand during school holiday times? Again, if i were to base my teaching just on term time it would not generate much income. If i were to do this on my own,how many hours per week could i expect to need to work? I am envisiging charging £25 per hour if at my house and £30 if travelling.

    5) i am not interested in supply teaching, but could consider summer school work or adult ed teaching outreach (done that before and enjoyed it). Do many do those type of things, as well as private work?

    Leaving a full time job to do something like this would be a financially risky move. My wife thinks this is something to do after next 10 years,when mortgage is nearly paid off! However,work is getting me down and im sick and tired of the college stupid admin and pressure e.g constant OFSTED watch! I like teaching and helping kids who want to learn (or are at least willing to give it a try) but no longer want to teach 16-18 yr olds who have no or little motivation to do so, together with constant teacher bashing from managers!

    Thanks for any advice recieved.
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    I tutor individuals because I think this works best. I do have one group of three, this works ok because they all have pretty much the same level of ability.

    Demand is low once the exams have finished until the start of the autumn term.During term time the number of sessions you can teach is also quite restricted, because you can only do it after school until, say 7.30pm. So most days I have three students, with a total of about 15 a week. This means the maximum you are likely to earn is a few hundred pounds a week, depending on your hourly rate. Almost certainly much lower than your teaching salary!

    I enjoy doing it, there are plenty of 'aha' moments and on the whole the kids are motivated, either because they are good at the subjects and want to maximise their exam performance, or because they are poor and recognise they need to pass. Certainly more rewarding than teaching a bunch of 30 of varying levels of ability and interest at the same time!
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    Can I use tutor training to create children's workshops or do I need a different qualification?
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