Iceland's Plastic - Free Pledge on all it's own label products

Take their ready meals. They are in a board carton sleeve which is good, made of paper, but the problem is the black plastic tray.

They going to replace that with a wooden board tray, and the final piece of the jigsaw is the plastic film over the top: They are looking at cellulose-based technologies which are made from paper pulp.

Some within the plastics industry think it's a step too far and are questioning how "green" the move really is.

The reason a lot of supermarkets embraced plastics packaging is because it's resource efficient.

If they move away from plastics in the way that they've declared, it will mean that the weight of the packaging they use will increase four times, the carbon emissions will increase by around three times, the amount of energy to make that packaging will increase two-fold.

The net result is that the environmental footprint of the packaging that they're including, will increase.

It seems we have gone full circle when it comes to packaging?

We'll be using paper and glass bottles again, before long?
Fred - Where's your get up and go?

Barney - It just got up and went.

Carpe diem


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