Using Serveral contactless cards for all family on London visit

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I would like to use several contactless credit cards to pay for travel in London for each of my family members - i.e. one each.
I know I do not need to register them beforehand, but I would like to so that I am certain they will work.
If I create a single London Transport web account for myself would I be able to register all of the cards against this one account and still have each one treated as separate journeys?
Or would it get confused when we tap all of them at the start and then again at the end of the journeys?


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    Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but if any of your family are entitled to child fares remember that there is no way contactless can be used for the reduced, or free, fares.
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    I have never registered a contactless card with TfL and was unaware that there was even an option to do so, and I have never had any problem using one.
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    If you do register them it won't get confused; it's up to you.
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    As long as you use the same one to start and end the journey and don't have two in close proximity when you tap the barrier all should be well.
    If you choose to register you can then see the journey history.
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    You can register loads. I think I've got about half a dozen on my account
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    It won't get confused regardless of whether you have registered the cards or not. I had visitors from overseas and just let them use a contactless card each (I kept them on me throughout the journey).

    Note that technically it is against your cards' T&C's to let others use the cards, but not against TfL policy (TfL is clear that you can use your cards to pay for others). I just mention it for completeness sake.
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    Registering the card won't guarantee that it will work. But if it works for other contactless payments, then it should be fine. Most new cards require an initial 'contacted' use before they will work contactlessly.
    Each journey will register to it's own card, the holding account is irrelevant.
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  • No need to register them - it will work ok. Used it last year at Easter in London and it was seamless and hassle free, and good value.
    I also had a 15 y.o. in our party, so had to just buy her the appropriate rail card.
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