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12 ways to STOP wasting food and drink



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    JackieO wrote: »
    I resuscitated it the other day with a new one as it was deleted by some idiot continually pressing the spam button But fear not like the phoenix we have risen again :):)

    Yes, I know, Jackie, and thanks for that.

    But Sarah M's blog still needs amending as it has a link to an invalid thread i.e. the old one.
    It needs the link to the new one.

    TBF, if you're on your phone & scrolling up/down it's easy to catch the spam button by accident.
    I've done it myself - but always gone back and marked the post as 'not spam'.
  • In 48 years of looking after myself since I left my parents, I can't recall ever throwing away food because it had gone off.
    How have I managed this? simple, I only buy what I need for a certain given period and I either eat it or freeze it for later.

    No tricks, just plain common sense.
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