Credit Report, Help please!


Ive been lurking on this board for quite a while now and have followed quite a bit of advise, most notably, to get copies of my credit reports.

As I am a student, I have moved around quite a bit over the last four years, and on my credit report is a debt recorded by British Gas, for a property I lived in during my second year (im now in my fourth year). To cut a long story short, I moved out early because my flatmates were awful to live with, and sent letters to all the utility providers to change the bill holders details, from mine, to my flatmates who continued to live there. I sent cheques covering all bills up to that point, and provided my new contact details should they need to contact me.

Anyway, as such, I am really annoyed (ive just got a good job working with money and they will credit check me and I dont want that on my account understandably) and was wondering how I get rid of it, since the debt actually isnt mine. British Gas never contacted me to say there was a problem. I have sent a report to the credit report company telling them that it is not mine, do you think it worth contacting British Gas? If they say that the debt is mine, what can I do?? I am so angry! :mad: Please help me!

Jo xx

p.s - I have to say, this website is brilliant, and to all those of you having financial difficulties at the moment, I really feel for you, I got myself into a bit of a situation once and managed to work my way out of it and now my reports are (with the exception of this) clean. I wish you all the best in becoming debt free.


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    Did you keep copies of the correspondence with BG? If so, send it to them with a letter asking that they remove the debt from your credit record.
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    I did keep copies on my computer, however, the computer crashed at xmas and wiped everything. Note to self: Always keep paper copies.

    Im thinking about contacting British Gas. Is this going to 're-start' proceedings? Will they get debt collectors on my case? I am really concerned about this, Im about to Graduate and need to keep my record clean as I intend to buy a flat in the next couple of years, also, the lettings company I am about to find a new flat with will credit check me and see this!

    Should I wait until I have had a reply from the credit report co?

    If British Gas refuse to remove the record, what are my rights against them?

    Can I take action against my ex-housemates for running up the debt?

    This is a nightmare, Im in the middle of my finals, I wish I had waited until I had completed the degree before doing this, Im already majorly stressed!

    p.s - debt-free-chick, thank you for your reply! :D

    Jo x
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