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Plant for communal hallway

I would like to cheer up the communal hallway by adding a large potted plant to one of the landings. The communal hallway is cold in winter as it has no heating and it does get some natural light through windows and a skylight.

I was thinking of something like a dracaena, palm or maybe even a weeping fig but I don't know if the communal hallway will be too cold for an indoor plant. What do the Green Fingered Money Savers think? Are there any other plants you think I should consider?


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    Debbie_SavardDebbie_Savard Forumite
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    Other options would be pothos plant, spider plant, maidenhair fern and aspidistra.

    So long as you ease off the watering in winter, these should be OK down to 10°C.

    I'd be cautious about weeping fig, they can drop leaves when in a draught

    For any of them. I'd stand on a tray of pebbles covered with water to help raise humidity.
  • Thanks. I'll give the weeping fig a swerve and I hadn't thought about using a tray of pebbles since I'm not in the least bit green fingered. :)
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