Clerical Medical section 32 Pension policy

Do YOU have a Clerical Medical section 32 Buyout Pension Policy? Did they, originally, promise you that they would start paying you your pension at an age well before age 65? Have they, in recent years, told you that they are NOT going to pay you until you reach age 65?

If you have answered “Yes” to these questions I would like to hear from I am in the same boat and, together, we MAY be able to DO something about this to force them to pay us BEFORE age 65.

I will explain more detail if you contact me.


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    You should post in the main pension section. Barely anyone reads this section and your pension is not an auto-enrolment scheme.
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  • Thank you. Sadly, I find this website an absolute I can’t find my way around. I’ve looked for the main Pension section as you suggested, but can’t find it. Finding a fellow Clerical Medical section 32 policyholder via a Forum was always going to be a I guess I’d better give up on this attempt to do so. Thanks again for taking the trouble to try and guide me...... Steve
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    The parent forum is "pensions, annuities and retirement planning".

    There is a "bar" at the top of the screen which has links to the hierarchy of the various levels of forums. I you click "pensions, annuities and retirement planning" (to the left of "auto-enrollment ") it should take you there.

    I assume your issue is that you fund does not have enough money to meet the GMP at GMP Age (65) so it has nothing left to pay you earlier.

    It all depends on the contract.
  • Many thanks for your guidance. I have now found the page you are talking about. Can you tell me, once on that page, do I simply click “new thread” or “subscribe to forum” in order to write my message?
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    You click "new thread".

    "Subscribe to forum" will send you an email each time somebody posts anything to the forum, you would not normally want this!

    Subscribing to a thread is more useful as this will email each time somebody posts a response which is great when you want to be reminded when somebody has answered your question.

    You do this by clicking the "thread tools" button in the bar above the first post and choosing "subscribe to thread" - at least it does o the old version of the forum software that I use.
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