Flow Energy - account login problems 2017

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I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems logging in to their online Flow Energy account?

More info if you're interested:-

I switched to Flow in August 2017. I 'registered' my account as per the 'Welcome' email instructions. I set my own password (as I was told to do) and everything seemed OK..... I have never been able to login to my account since, and it's now Christmas 2017!

That first day in August, when I 'registered' the account, it worked fine. I was able to view my account online (not that there was much to see at that early stage) and could navigate around OK. A day or two later I tried to login again and got an 'Invalid Login' error. I know the correct credentials were entered - I won't bore you with why I know I know they were correct because it soon became irrelevant... read on…

Since August I have been in contact with Flow Energy Support many times. On each occasion, I speak to a different person who, I will admit, sounds like they *want* to be helpful and sort things out, but they never actually do so. I have been told various different things, but a common thread is that each person I speak to checks my account and confirms that there is a problem **"at their end"**.

Each person I speak to confirms that it's *not* due to anything I'm doing and promises to 'elevate' the issue with 'IT' and get it sorted. The promises have included password resets and complete account resets. Several times I've been instructed to leave it a day or two and then try to login again or to re-register from scratch... but it never works!!

Annoyingly, it is never possible to speak to someone in ‘IT’. It seems that everything is done via internal emails or support ‘tickets’. Most annoying of all is that they promise to fix something and call back, but – you’ve guessed it – they never call back!

Interestingly, every month I get emails from them asking for meter readings. If I follow the link in the email it will allow me to enter readings, but it won't let me access my account or do anything else. I note that the meter reading entry page quotes my previous readings correctly, so my account details are obviously on their system, but I can't access them.

It goes without saying that Flow Energy is of course managing to take the Direct Debit every month with the utmost efficiency.


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    Flow are hopeless when it comes to IT. For example they send me two emails a month, one for the gas and one for electric, to enter the readings. I enter both, but on the monthly bills they only register my electric reading - the gas is always an estimate (and I'm now ~£200 in credit in gas).
    They also have managed to send me standing order info twice for completely unrelated people.
    For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.
  • Flow haven't sent my initial reading to my old gas supplier yet, so I'm £128 in debt with them... can't log in online. I've submitted another contact email, I'm hoping to finally chase them this week. I can't log in either, if it weren't for the price reduction (~£80 per year) I wouldn't bother!!
  • Thanks Guys. It doesn't fill me with confidence that Flow will get their act together, but I taker some solace in knowing it's not just me having problems.
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    11 log ins for 2017 all worked 100% likewise account and billing .
  • JJ_Egan wrote: »
    11 log ins for 2017 all worked 100% likewise account and billing .

    I have no doubt they have hundreds if not thousands of customers for whom their system works just fine. But that is not the issue here. My experience is that their customer support is woefully inadequate when things go wrong.

    Unfortunately this is typical of so many companies these days.
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    This is a bit of a rant, but there is valid information here for anyone thinking of joining ‘Flow Energy’.

    I called customer support *again* earlier today. As always the lady I spoke to was very nice and apologetic but didn't have the capability (power or authority) to actually fix anything. Same as my previous calls!

    She openly acknowledged that Flow have a problem with their online portal, and have had for some time (5 months for me). She said it was affecting “lots of customers” who, like me, are unable to login to their account. She said that ‘IT’ were working on it but they currently don’t know if or when it may be fixed. She says that when (?) it is fixed they will send out emails to all the affected customers… oh well that makes it all OK doesn’t it?!

    The lady seemed almost puzzled how not being able to administer your ‘online energy account’ over the internet might be an issue to some customers. She kindly looked into my account for me and said it is ‘in credit’ to the tune of £465, which happens to be the exact total of the five DD payments of £93 they have taken since I became a customer. And is at odds with previous information I’ve been given. Hmmmm… this doesn’t inspire confidence in their accounting does it? You just know it’s not a good sign!

    It being impractical to investigate the matter over the phone the lady sent me a copy of my most recent statement via email so I could see for myself. Well… erm… she said she had sent it and I should receive it shortly, but at the time of writing it’s about 3hrs since she “sent” the email and there’s no sign of it yet. Perhaps the internet fairies are busy today!

    Having lost the will to live I told the nice lady that I wanted to leave Flow because of the poor service I’m experiencing, but under these circumstances I’m not happy to pay the early exit fees. She said that I had “come through to Customer Services” and she was unable to deal with that question; which begs the question ‘Who is?’ When I asked to speak to someone who could help me, she said I couldn’t because there were only two supervisors working today and they were both “in a meeting”. Apparently there was no other department or individual that I could speak to – this is during normal office hours on a ‘working day’. Instead, I was promised a call back within 5 working days. Of course, given my experience of 5 months of failed promises I’m not holding out much hope!
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