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Car Park ticket but did have a ticket

First time posting on here and apologies if on here already but have glanced over the "newbies' section and also existing questions and cant see anything.

We took part in Birmingham Velo in Sept '17 and prebooked car parking at a Velo recommended car park, (have email proof of booking). We turned up, parked, competed and returned to car. Upon getting back to car, ourselves, as well as many others had been issued with a parking ticket. Upon mentioning it to the car park attendant he said couldn't help as he was just closing the car park and told us to take it up with Velo.

We firstly took it up with Velo and they said they would take it up with the Council as many people had received tickets. After chasing Velo they responded with us to appeal the car parking penalty notice with UKPC of which we did. After appealing we received confirmation of the online appeal form and they would aim to be in touch within 35 days. Unfortunately they didn't get back in touch and we assumed all sorted.

However, last week we received a letter from a debt recovery company wanting £160. If we don't pay this, they refer us to court proceedings. We have spoken to the debt company and they have referred us back to UKPC. We have spoken to UKPC who have said they did email us to offer a £15 reduced fine but as we didn't respond to this within a set period they had passed it on to the debt collection company. Unfortunately we did not receive any confirmation from them, we have since asked them on 2 separate occasions to resend this email and on both occasions they have said they will do, but the email never materialises.

Any advice welcome

Thank you



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